Face Recognition Search for Cops Now Available to Anyone

Now an online tool tapping into artificial intelligence and publicly available images lets you search for your face through the 900 million photos around the world online.

Huge privacy tool or massive stalker threat? I think it’s both.

Search for your face online here and find out what you can do to remove yourself from the internet.

What’s your advice after you look at this? Comment below!


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Kurt has a deep love of technology that makes life better. Best known as “Kurt the CyberGuy,” Kurt Knutsson created the largest syndicated tech lifestyle franchise on television. As a trusted source, Kurt’s unique insider access to major tech launches and industry visionaries has helped earn him two Emmy Awards and a Golden Mic.

Kurt lives between home in California and NYC where he is also the chief tech contributor on Fox News & Fox Business networks beginning his mornings on Fox & Friends.

Kurt and his CyberGuy reports focus on consumer technology, innovative people and inventions that are rocking the world.



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